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Trying to conceive

What TTC is actually like VS what people think

For many women TTC is a journey not spoken about enough. The path is full of highs, a lot of lows , and obstacles most don't know about. Many women and couples suffer in silence and have to constantly live with the unsolicited questions...


"when is the baby coming?" .. "no baby yet?".. "it's time to have a baby now!".. "you're not getting any younger, you need to have a baby"

These question's hurt more than most might realize.

Please be kind. You never know what the next person is going through or how far they've come with their TTC journey or how hard it's been for them.

These questions may be asked without the actual realisation that it may be triggering.


Remember: you never know what the next person is going through, you'll never know how many tries it's taken or the miscarriages someone has been through or how triggering it is to get your period every month and feel as though you're failing.

As women, we should strive to be better and not stick to the societal stigma of having the audacity to question another.

Wishing all our ladies TTC strength, love and light in their journeys they face 🤍




Trying again...

1 in 4 women experience pregnancy loss. Yes it REALLY is that common.

The word miscarriage is rarely used by us as it feels so cold and clinical and we much rather prefer calling it what it is - a loss. 

Quite often we have women reaching out to us in the wake of a loss.

Their questions are always similar, "when can I try again?"... "when can I start my journey again?"... "why does it have to be me?"

Sometimes women are so scared to try again, but who could blame them? 

The pain of the loss is so intense, that when it's fresh, it feels impossible to fathom opening up to the potential of that pain again.

At times, we encounter bereaved mothers who are desperate to try again. 

Sometimes even mid loss, they want a solution, something to make it not happen again, something to make it stay. 

Mostly because their pain is so great, they just want to move past it as quickly as they can.


Though there are many ways we can recommend starting your journey again and doing it in the most natural and healthy way by addressing uterine issues etc, we always recommend that mothers take the appropriate time to grieve and heal before thrusting themselves into starting again.


If you are TTC, in the wake of a loss and overwhelmed at what your next step should be, this post is for YOU. I pray this helps you down a healing journey that brings you your healthy baby into your arms Gods willing 🤍


You've got this! 🤍🤍🤍