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I am struggling with fertility, can V steaming assist?

Yes! V steaming has proven to support fertility. There may be many reasons for fertility challenges, but one of the most common causes is induration (build up of old material) of the uterine wall. This simply means that the lining of the uterine wall hasn't completely shed in your previous cycle, it can create a build up of old material. 

This old material can adhere to the folds of the uterus and contribute to quite a few reproductive challenges. From menstrual cramps during the cycle to the inability of the fertilised egg to attach to the wall of the uterus. 

V steaming works by carrying a gentle steam infused with the herbs through the subtle channels to your womb where it assists in loosening the old matter and deeply cleanse naturally. 

The old material will released through menstruation during the next cycle, making space for the egg to successfully implant and grow.

Not only is steaming a highly effective treatment to help improve fertility, it is also quite simple and you're able to do this in the comfort of your home with our Femme combo.


When is the best time to steam?

You may steam at any time of the month, as long as you are not actively bleeding. It is typically recommended that when treating menstrual pain, you do at least 2 steams in the week leading up to your period. After doing so, you will likely see a change in the fluid you pass when your period begins. You may also steam as soon as your period ends to clear out any excess material.


Can I steam if I don't have any uterine issues?

Steaming can be done even when you don't have any symptoms or issues as it can nourish, strengthen, tone and tighten. Steaming enhances vaginal and uterine health and promotes emotional well being as the process in itself is relaxing and meditative.


Can steaming increase libido and moisture?

Yes! Definitely. V steaming enhances your sex drive. Physically, it increases circulation and lubrication, which is great for your sex life! Steaming regularly, will increase your libido as well as tighten and tone your vagina.


Can I steam if I've had a hysterectomy?

V steaming is great in all aspects of female health and wellness, so it will definitely be beneficial to you as well. Although all or part of the physical uterus has been removed, the energetic centre remains and can benefit from the warmth and clearing provided by steaming. Steaming is also great for increasing moisture, circulation, addressing door and balancing vaginal pH which assists in preventing infections and bacterial vaginosis. Of course, it is also an amazing way to relax and pamper yourself! 


Who should not steam?

There are specific times in which we do not recommend steaming. The biggest one for most of our clients is after insemination while TTC. As well as during pregnancy.

So in general, if you are TTC, don't steam while ovulating and after - two week wait. You may steam after your period during your follicular phase before ovulation.

Avoid steaming if:

- You are trying to conceive

- You are pregnant

- You are actively bleeding

- You have not had your first period yet

- Have had your tubes tied in the past 3 to 6 months

- You have an IUD placed


While we absolutely love steaming and can't recommend it enough, the above entails who should not be steaming. If you would like to reap the benefits of steaming without actually steaming, try out our Flower soak!



How do you use the Glow candy?

The Glow candy is consumed, as per directions of use provided at the back of the pack, suck on 2 to 5 candies 10 to 15 minutes before being intimate with your partner.


How many times can I use the Glow wand?

10 usages per wand.


How do I clean the Glow wand?

Do not under any circumstances put the wand under running water. It is extremely fragile and will break under running water.

Clean your wand using a non scented wet wipe or damp cloth.


When should I use the soak?

- Before intercourse to get well hydrated and tight vaginal walls as well as an odour are yoni.

- Soak during infections to kill bacteria that causes itching, swelling or discomfort.

- Soak after intercourse to soothe sore vaginal tissues and eliminate odor.

- Soak after giving birth - When your flow is NOT heavy.

- Soaking detaches the vagina from prophylactic condoms and lubricant gels.


Can I use the Glow fertility tea even if I am not TTC?

Yes! our special tea blend is designed to support the entire reproductive system. We've designed the perfect blend to restore balance and promote reproductive wellness.


How often should I have the tea?

You may have the tea as often as you'd like, the minimum we recommend is 4 cups per week.


How many teabags are in a bag?

20 Teabags per bag


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! All international order requests are to be emailed as international shipping rates may vary.