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As an organically derived feminine wellness and lifestyle brand, Femme Glow (Pty) Ltd provides holistic ways to indulge in feminine wellness and sexual health. We are deeply inspired by our own journey and those women around us. 

We value putting healthier lifestyle alternatives at the forefront of our products. Our products have taken shape from women's needs and desires, curated with her health and passion in mind. They're made of highly effective, multi-beneficial blends/formulas that are empowering, luxurious in every way and have that undeniable dope factor.

At Femme Glow (pty) Ltd, our purpose is to help women who not only have uterine issues but women with low libido and intimacy issues. When we love ourselves we can set healthy boundaries, foster balanced relationships and take pride in who we are. A flourishing sex life can reduce stress, support fitness and contribute to an improved quality of life. Through a variety of trusted products and education, we help customers to stop settling for painful and disappointing intimate health, treasure their natural magnificence and enjoy phenomenal confident pleasure.


Our Values

  • Self love - the knowledge that I am beautiful just as I am, the understanding that its okay to have flaws and that they are just natural variations that make me unique. The awareness that I am worthy of good things just because I exist and the practice of kindness to myself.


  • Intimacy freedom - the power over our own bodies, having a voice in your relationship, it is the right to express ourselves sexually as we phase without barriers and the privilege to let our partners know what works and learning to dictate you own brand of pleasure.


Our vision is to embrace every layer of femininity as we cater to the core of feminine health. Much bigger than our products, we aim to create a safe space for women, by women. Powered by expert advice and powerful stories from personal experiences, we encourage women not to shy away from the dialogue. We work to empower women to gain a deeper understanding of all things body, health, arousal, desire and so much more. We believe that with knowledge comes confidence. With confidence comes self-love, the sincerest form of wellness.

Our certified practitioners are available via email, WhatsApp and Instagram for free consultations prior to purchase.

 We look forward to helping you heal naturally

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