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Vsteaming & Fertility

Lets begin with some basic anatomy: the uterus/ womb is a hormone responsive organ in the female reproductive system. The uterus is one organ but often described in sections. The funds is the top section with the Fallopian tubes attached laterally. The cervix is at the bottom section of the uterus and opens to the vagina.

During ovulation, the ovaries release an ovum that travels through the Fallopian tubes where it is fertilised by the male sperm, before nesting itself in the wall of the uterus as a zygote. when this occurs, the uterus transitions not the womb as it expands into the abdomen to hold the foetus. If the egg goes unfertilised it passes through the uterus and out of the body during menstruation.

The uterus, as small as it may be, can in certain cases leave you with many conditions such as PCOS, vaginismus, endometriosis, blocked tubes, UTI's, painful menstruation, vaginal dryness, infertility...etc

When any of the above occurs, it can restrict blood flow, impact hormonal responses, inhibit neural connections and even put pressure on the Fallopian tubes impending the movement of the egg into the uterus. All of the above can create many challenges when trying to conceive.

The heat from V steaming helps to warm your entire pelvic region increasing circulation and blood flow. This helps to relax the uterus and ligaments that support the uterus assisting it in returning to homeostasis. Steaming with us is often paired with our Glow Fertility Tea that further supports uterine health.





The endometrium is the inner lining of your uterus. It renews and sheds with each menstrual cycle. It builds up to ovulation, preparing your uterus to receive the fertilised egg, and if pregnancy does not occur, the endometrium sheds with menstruation. Think of the endometrium as the nest that the fertilised egg sticks to in the uterus.

In some women, the uterus fails to completely empty residual endometrium from period to period, creating an unhealthy build up that actually prevents the egg from adhering to the wall of the uterus. This is why some women will start their period with dark brown blood instead of bright red blood. This dark discharge can be endometrium from a previous cycle.

Through the use of heat and increased blood flow that accompanies it, Steaming gently clears the uterus of residual endometrium from past menstrual cycles that may be preventing the egg from properly attaching itself to the wall of the uterus and receiving the crucial nutrients needed to grow a baby. If the endometrium is the nest for the egg, steaming assists in making it more hospitable for implantation to be successful.




The herbs in our Vblend are carefully chosen to nourish the reproductive organs while increasing circulation and blood flow that helps to rid your pelvic floor of any infections.

When you steam with strong aromatic herbs, the plant oils are carried via the steam into the pelvic floor where their anti fungal and antibacterial properties gently cleanse the uterus without eliminating any of the good bacteria and microflora, unlike over the counter and prescription antibiotics that remove all forms of bacteria, the good and bad.




If conception is your goal, we recommend trying to get in at least 2 to 4 steams prior to ovulation. We advise trying to get the first steam in as soon as you finish menstruating and then the remainder of the steams within the days left prior to ovulation.

If you are unsure of when you will be ovulating, it is advised to make use of ovulation test kits to time it properly.

Steaming in this way will increase circulation to the pelvic floor, hydrate the tissue and relax the uterus ligaments. It is best to try and get in as much steams as you can prior to ovulating. For the days during ovulation when you are no longer able to steam, warming up your body with a shower or bath prior to being intimate is also quite useful.

If you get your period after the two week wait, begin your steaming schedule again.

Discontinue steaming if conception has occurred.

Vsteaming is a self care ritual that supports fertility, painful menstruation, postpartum healing, and much more but it is NOT recommended during pregnancy.