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What you need to know about Endometriosis


March is endometriosis awareness month 🤍

The beauty of addressing these uterine issues with steaming instead of surgery is that no scar tissue is formed which can affect fertility in the future.

Steaming addresses the WHY, why your condition presented itself in the first place as well as giving you a means to maintain your results so it doesn't continue to impact your life.

Why steaming???

Steam is highly energised water molecules. This state of water has incredible permeating power. Steam has the power to thin and soften and even break apart things that do not belong in your uterus (endometriosis, fibroids etc)

This method has the power to break apart fibroids and other things such as lesions and cysts allowing the body to get rid of them, by either expelling them out of the vagina or reabsorbing them.


Will I be able to conceive?

Many women are discouraged when they are diagnosed with these conditions because it feels like a major roadblock to conceiving naturally.

Steaming first to address your condition will naturally put you in a position to increase your chances of naturally conceiving.


Just think about it... when your cycle is healthy, your hormones are operating efficiently. When your hormones are working as intended, your chances of conception will increase.

While we cannot promise anyone that they will definitely end up conceiving, we can say that steaming helps to make your body healthy again to increase your chances of conceiving.


Will the pain stop?

Yes! Steaming gives you relief from the excruciating pain a lot quicker than you expect when it is done correctly and consistently. While results may vary for each and every woman depending on the imbalances they experience and what is needed to establish a balance. When the body doesn't have anything to cramp against in an effort to push them out, the pain disappears.

Preserve your fertility and say goodbye to your pain. These conditions do not have to run your life every month!


Start your Vsteaming journey with us and heal naturally 🤍