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Better Intimacy Combo 2

Better Intimacy Combo 2

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The better intimacy combo 2 will give you the most enhanced experience as it consists of Vsteaming, The Glow gel, The Glow wand and The Glow candy.

Each of these products can be used individually if you prefer and do not need to be used all at once.

Vsteaming prior to being intimate increases moisture, aids dryness and discomfort and is highly recommend for overall uterine wellness.

The Glow gel is the ultimate 100% organic lubricant that can be used during foreplay, intimacy and even after being intimate to soothe.

The Glow wand is an all natural tightening wand made from the cleanest ingredients. The wand is inserted into the vagina and once withdrawn instantly tightens the vaginal walls helping you to attain maximum pleasure and leads to intense orgasms.

The Glow candy adds a little spice to the bedroom and is to be consumed 15 minutes prior to being intimate.



- Vsteam and then use the Glow wand and Glow candy prior to intimacy

- Use the Glow wand and candy together

- Glow wand, Glow candy and Glow gel

- Vsteaming, Glow wand and Glow candy